Универзитет у Новом Саду Технички Факултет "Михајло Пупин" Зрењанин

Fazi sistemi


1. On Fuzzy Set Theories

2. Uninorm Basics

3. Structural Interpolation and Approximation with Fuzzy Relations: A

    Study in Knowledge Reuse

4. On Fuzzy Logic and Chaos Theory

5. Upper and Lower Values for the Level of Fuzziness in FCM

6. Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena: A Fuzzy Logic


7. Mathematical Fuzzy Logic in Modeling of Natural Language Semantics

8. Analytical Theory of Fuzzy IF-THEN Rules with Compositional Rule of


9.Fuzzy Logic and Ontology-based Information Retrieval

10. Real-World Fuzzy Logic Applications in Data Mining and Information


11. An Abstract Approach Toward the Evaluation of Fuzzy Rule Systems

12. The Fusion of Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Classification for

      Transient Identification

13. The Role of Fuzziness in Decision Making
Vajda Elena 25/10M-23 (2011)

14. Fuzzy Logic for Modeling the Management of Technology
Radnjen Nenad (2011)