University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The objective of the course is that students master the basics and advances in environmental engineering, general environmental concerns at the macro and micro level and solving general and partial environmental resource problems. Identification of optimal technology from the stand point of economy, social needs, requirements, abilities and techniques. To enable listeners to initiate and carry out introduction and implementation of ISO 14000 in organization, initiate and solve the most important environmental questions posed in front of the modern company.

The students will develop ability to act, analyse and generalise the decision-making process between economy-society-technique-ecology.


Theoretical study:

Introduction to environmental engineering. Sustainable development. Technical and technological development and environmental engineering. Population growth and its impact on the use of available resources. Basic physical and chemical laws in environmental engineering. Environmental natural incidents, classification and division. Possibility of events. Air protection. Protection of water. Solid waste. Noise as a pollutant. Electromagnetic waves as a source of pollution. Environmental management ISO 14000 standards. Ecology ethics.


Practical teaching:

Lecture exercises – Basic physical and chemical laws in ecological engineering. Air protection. Climate change. Water as a resource. Wastewater. Economic analysis of water protection. Solid wastes. Sound pollution. ISO 14000 standatds.

Computer exercises that follow the theoretical classes. Visiting an organization with developed system of environmental protection. Instruction and consultative work in implementation of seminar paper.



General information

Study program: Environmental Engineering


Semester: 1

Lectures: Milan Pavlović,  Ph.D.

Exercises: Snežana Filip, M.Sc.



dr Milan Pavlović,  full professor



Course books

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