University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Provision of a high level of theoretical knowledge in the field of automatic control theory aimed at acquiring the ability of performing the analysis of linear models of technical systems. A student should recognize the analogy of different physical systems and their components through appropriate standards and models in order to become trained for self-formation of models of technical systems. The ability to analyze technical systems based on the models should be acquired. Some practical problems in the field of automatic control should be solved.


Theoretical and practical study:

Introduction to the theory of automatic control. Definition of Laplace transform. Laplace transform. The basic theorem of Laplace transform. The inverse Laplace transform. Application of Laplace transform for solving differential equations. Interconnection elements. Algebraic block diagram. Transfer function. Zeros and poles of the transfer function. The characteristic impedance of the system. Signal flow graph. Elementary graph transformations. Mason’s rule. Test functions and system response. Log-frequency characteristics of the system. The analytical stability criteria. Transparency analytical stability criteria. Criteria Mikhailov, Nyquist stability criterion. Solving specific tasks in the modeling of technical systems; definition of transmission function and stability of linear systems. Familiarization of students with the available software tools for solving the above-mentioned tasks.

General information

Study program: Industrial engineering, Information Technology


Semester: VIII, VIII

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 2


Ph.D Vladimir Šinik, assistant professor



Course books

1          Stojic M. Continuous Control Systems, Scientific Book, Belgrade 2000
2          Jacić Lj., Nikolic G., Rancic M., Debeljkovic D Fundamentals of automatic control          and regulation, GIP "Culture, Belgrade 1998.
3          S. Milinkovic, D.Lj. Debeljkovic A collection of solved problems in the analysis and         synthesis of control systems, 1996