University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin



Theoretical classes:

Basic terms and definitions - Data model term, type and entity class, attributes, keys, type of entities, database schema, intensional and extensional level, Generations of data models – short overview, Entity – relationship model. Intension and extension of a model. Structural and integrity component. Model extensions – concepts of generalization, specialization, aggregation, decomposition. Language for expression of value constraints. Concept of operative component. IDEF1X standard for data modeling. Relational data model – concepts of structural model component. Integrity component, Types of dependencies in relational database schema. Agorithms for projecting of relational database schema. Normalization of data and normal forms.


Practical classes:

Student should practice techniques of database schema creation by using entity-relationship model in examples and by using CASE tools for database schema projecting.


General information


Study program: Industrial Engineering (Bachelor degree)


Semester: 5                                                                                               

Lectures: 2





Biljana Radulovic, full professor



Course books


1.Ullman J., Widom J., Database Systems - Complete Book Stanford University, Addison Wesley 2002.

2. Mogin P.,LukovicI., Principles of Databases (in Serbian), Faculty of Technical Sciences,Novi Sad, 1996.

3. Anicic N., Babarogic S., Databases (in Serbian), Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, 2008.