University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge on general and organic chemistry as a base for further learning of textile fibres’ chemical properties, chemical fibre processing technologies and materials. The knowledge gained and practical courses will enable students for the courses in textile printing, textile dyeing and finishing. Also, the chemistry course will contribute to better understanding of textile fibers' structure.

Theoretical course:

Basic chemical laws. Atomic structure and periodic table. The structure of pure substances. Chemical bond. Solutions. Chemical kinetics. Chemical equilibrium. Buffer mixtures. Hydrolysis. Concentration of hydronium ions. Hydrogen exponent – pH. Colligative properties of diluted solutions.

Introduction to Organic Chemistry. Molecular structure and reactivity. Typical reactions in organic chemistry. Acyclic hydrocarbons. Cyclic hydrocarbons. Alcohols. Phenols. Aldehydes. Ketones. Carbonic acid. Amines. Aromatic compounds. Fats and oils. Hydrolysis of fats and oils. Saponifications. Amino acids. Proteins. Carbohydrates. Monosaccharide’s. Polysaccharides.


Practical course:

Determination of real (molecular) formula. Stoichiometric calculations. Oxidation-reduction reactions. Assignments of chemical equilibrium. Calculation of the solution concentration. Calculating pH and pOH values.


General information

Study program: Textile Technology


Semester: 3

Lectures: Nina Djapić, Ph. D.

Exercises: Snežana Filip, M. Sc.



Nina Djapić, Asistant professor



Course books

  1. N. Djapic,      Organska hemija (za studente tekstilnih tehnologija), Zrenjanin, 2013
  2. N. Glinka.      Zadaci i vežbe iz opšte i neorganske hemije. Naučna knjiga, Beograd. 1994
  3. N.      Perišić-Janjić, T.Đaković-Sekulić, S.Gadžurić. Opšta hemija. Univerzitet u      Novom Sadu PMF, Novi Sad 2008