University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Theoretical classes:

Business - IT in modern era. Commercial use of computers and information systems (Information system in business system, classification of information systems, information architecture, Human Resources in contemporary business information systems, methods to improve the quality of business information systems).

Communication. Computer technology and communication. Networks (local, wireless LAN and extensive network, Internet network, network software, network communications and software).

Application platform for any business  (Classification of application software).

The technology of office automation, (integrated office suite , integrated software for document management and workflow ) .

Technology for transaction processing (standard business applications, Integrated business systems).

Decision support technology (applications to support decision making tools to improve
personal productivity, executive information systems, integrated systems for decision support systems).
Group Decision Support, expert systems, simulation software, project management technology, electronic technology and electronic business (Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Commerce).

Technology for system integration.

Practical classes:
Detailed knowledge of the operating system MS Windows, MS Office, and using popular e- mail services and the WWW.


General information

Study program: All educational profiles


Semester: 1

Lectures: 3

Exercises: 2



Dragica Radosav, associate professor



Course books

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