University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Provision of a high level of theoretical knowledge in the field of physical, technical, and engineering measurements and complete knowledge of measuring installations used in industry; training for independent work in the field of engineering measurement, application of measurement systems and related equipment to a level that provides an independent work on the construction and application measurement transducers. A student is familiarized with terminology and basic standards in the field of engineering measurements, he knows the structure and understands the operation of transducers of all basic physical quantities, understands and is able to work independently with measurement systems at modern technological level.

Theoretical and practical study:
Introduction and terminology. Characteristics of measurement transducers. Criteria for transducer selection. Signal conditioning. Testing transducer’s performance: voltage and current characteristic, sensitivity, reproducibility, linearity, frequency response, sensitivity threshold. Calibration. Measuring: movement, pressure, speed of fluid flow, temperature, level, relative deformation, force, and torque. Planning a measurement. Processing of measurement data. Practical teaching: practical work with real transducers of: temperature, force, flow, pressure, and application of the acquired theoretical knowledge.

General information

Study program: Industrial engineering,


Semester: II

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 1


Ph.D Vladimir Šinik, assistant professor



Course books

1.   Slobodan Janković, Instrumentation,  TF " Mihajlo Pupin " , 2003
2 ,  Dragan Stankovic , Physical and technical measurement, Scientific Book, Belgrade 1987
3 ,  Dragan Stankovic , Problems in Physical-Technical measurements, Scientific Book, Belgrade 1990