University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Content of the Course:

  • The concept of the design,
  • Introduction and history of computer      technology in media research (computers in teaching, educational software,      Internet, distance learning ),
  • Recent contributions - media research      methods,
  • Interaction basic concepts      (definitions, objectives, tasks, projects),
  • History of user interface development      and human computer interaction,
  • Media in education and the      application of multimedia in modern education,
  • Graphic and user interface design      principles and graphical user interfaces evaluation,
  • Graphical user interface adapted to      the user (children, elderly),
  • Hardware platforms for the design of      media,
  • Web design, multimedia databases,
  • Games for mobile devices,
  • Models and forms of interaction,
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality      systems,
  • Animation and simulation, interaction      in education, creating tutorials,
  • Software development tools like      Blogging,
  • Media implementation in a distance      learning system model.


General information

Study program: Information Technology, 3rd year


Semester: 5

Lectures: Dijana Karuovic Ph.D.

Exercises: Dijana Karuovic Ph.D.



Karuovic Dijana, Docent



Course books

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