University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

The goal of this subject is to teach students of standard methods of examining textile goods, semi-manufactured goods, final products and clothes. Students will be able to examine textile themselves and control technological processes of textile and clothes treatment.

Students will learn about measurements and physical parameters, as well as about errors in measuring and unreliability of obtained results. Another studied section is preparation for examination, which consists of finding the examination space with standard atmosphere, and control, conditioning and preparing the examination sample. Students then learn in detail about methods of examining the basic properties of fibers, yarns, flat textiles and clothing products. Dimensional and constructional characteristics are also important.

In addition, students explore used product behavior: ways of wearing, resistance to pilling, abrasion and other damages. The clothes and textiles are valued according to wearing comfort, by examining certain properties such as moisture retention, insulation, friction. Methods include simulation of practical use, where students examine water and fire resistance and behavior during product maintenance.

During practical exercises, students learn to examine textile through actual examples.

General information

Study program: Clothing technology


Semester: 9

Lectures: 1

Exercises: 1


Ph.D. Trajković  Dušan, associate professor



Course books

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