University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Developing capabilities for active consideration of textiles and clothes and identifying their basic visual features. Identifying stylistic features by which textiles and apparel fit into the overall visual and social framework of a period. Accepting the importance of fashion and the changing dynamics of fashion as a powerful agent of change in all areas modern life. Establishing criteria for critical thinking about their own work, as well as for the evaluation of fashion events.

Students are able to implement the various elements that have been used throughout the history of textiles and clothing in accordance to current demands of the fashion industry.


General information

Study program: Clothing technology


Semester: 3

Lectures: 3

Exercises: 2



Vasilije Kovacev, associate professor




Course books

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2. М. Васиљевић Дизајн Елит, Београд 1997

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