University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin



The scope of the subject is introduction to soft computing concepts as modern trends of development of the theory and application of fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, probabilistic computing, and other techniques of soft computing. This will expand and complement the knowledge gained by studying the subjects of mathematical logic and artificial intelligence. Soft computing as a domain of Computational intelligence is of great importance for IT engineers who need to learn through practice in an adequate theoretical and conceptual framework.


General information

Study program: Information Technologies


Semester: 7

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 2




Vladimir Brtka, Assistant professor



Course books


  1. Vladimir Brtka, "Meko računarstvo", Tehnički fakultet "Mihajlo Pupin", Zrenjanin 2013.
  2. Pero Subašić, "Fazi logika i neuronske mreže", Tehnička knjiga, Beograd 1997.
  3. Hotomski Petar, "Sistemi veštačke inteligencije", Tehnički fakultet "Mihajlo Pupin",  Zrenjanin 2006.
  4. Engelbrecht Andreas, "Computational Intelligence, An Introduction", John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, England 2002.