University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin



The theoretical and practical foundations required for modeling and simulation of physical systems. The acquired knowledge can be used to solve practical engineering problems and, also, to provide basis for following other vocational courses. Students will be instructed of modern computational methods and will be introduced to the software packages for modeling and simulation of technical systems.

 Theoretical and practical study:

The place and role of modeling and simulation and their practical applications. Theory of the modeling and simulation. Mathematical basis of modeling and simulation of systems. Mathematical models of continuous time systems. Examples in the model: mechanical-, thermal-, hydrodynamic-, electrical-, and electromechanical models. Analogies between physical quantities and parameters. Electromechanical analogies. Linearization of models. Mathematical models in the form of differential equations. Models in the form of transfer functions of systems. Models in the form of state-space systems. Conversions between models. Models in the form of block diagrams of systems. Model in the form of a signal flow graph. Model in the form of the transfer function obtained from qualitative system behavior. Model in the form of a transfer function related to system stability. Graphical methods of system analysis by using software tools. Simulation of dynamic systems


General information

Study program: Information Technology,


Semester: VIII

Lectures: 3

Exercises: 3


Ph.D Vladimir Šinik, assistant professor



Course books

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2.  Duane Hanselman , Bruce Littlefield , Mastering MATLAB 6 - A Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference, Prantice Hall , ISBN : 0-13-019468-9 . In 2001.
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4. D.Antić, A software tool for the analysis of dynamic systems, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, in 1999.