University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin



Theoretical study:

Basic concepts. Pixels. Resolution. System GKS (Graphical Kernel System). Vector and raster graphics. Programs for drawing and painting. Axioms of Euclidean geometry. Non Euclidean geometry. Forms analytical representation of geometric objects. Cartesian coordinate system. The Polar coordinate system. The Cylindrical coordinate system. The Spherical coordinate system. Determination of significant elements of flat geometric figure. Polygon triangulation. Final projective plane. Latin squares. Bezier lines, curves and surfaces. Transforming images in 2D: translation, scaling, rotation. Transforming images in 3D: translation, scaling, rotation. Characteristics of 2D and 3D graphics formats. 


Practical classes:
Create graphic images using raster graphics tools.


General information


Study program: Information Technology, Bachelor degree


Semester: 5

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 2




Berković Ivana, full professor



Course books


1. Letić D., Berkovic I., Kazi Lj., Kazi Z., Computer Graphics - Expositions in MathCAD (in Serbian), Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", Zrenjanin 2007.

2. Acketa D., Matić Kekić S., Geometry of Informatics (in Serbian), University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Institute of Mathematics, Novi Sad, 2000.

3. Mc Clelland D., Photoshop CS Bible, Mikroknjiga, Belgrade, 2004. 

4. Brković Z., Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Classroom in a Book (authorized translation), CET, Belgrade, 2012.