University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


            Educational goal is the adoption of main categories required to describe and explain society as a particular reality, its structure and dynamics  with emphasis on the study of the specificity of modern society , the basic phenomena and processes of change that have been taking place. It also aims to introduce students to global sociological method that reveals the social determination of specific social phenomena. Successfully solve this course, students acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the specifics of social determinism , how to link all the different social phenomenon in general, the principles of operation and the changes and development of this whole, the interconnectedness of different social phenomena, social interaction between individuals and social groups, the role and importance of values ​​and normative order. In addition, this knowledge is the basis for the formation of a worldview, values ​​and attitudes taking to the events in the modern world and their own society. Knowledge about general sociological categories and global sociological method can be applied in mastering the material from the social sciences and other subjects in later years of study.


General information


Study program: (1) Subject, tasks and methods of sociology, (2) The concept and constitutive elements of society, (3) The labour, division of labour, economic life, modern organizations, (4 ) Definition and basic forms of social groups, (5) Stratification and class structure, ( 6 ) Personality, socialization, conformity and deviant behaviour, (7) Culture and civilization, the basic elements of culture, (8) Social change and development, (9) Globalization, (10) New middle classes, (11) The mass society, mass media, mass culture, (12) Education in modern Society , (13) Environmental dimension of social development.



Semester: 1

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 0



Milos Marjanovic, full professor



Course books

1. S. Markov – S. Mirkov, Sociology, Novi Sad, 2003.

2. M. Marjanovic / S. Markov, Fundaments of Sociology, Novi Sad, 2011.