University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The course objective is to provide students necessary knowledge concerning basic principles of equipment and systems for water and air pollution control.

Students should use acquired knowledge in further education, in professional courses above all. Mastering this course is the starting point in the courses which have the objective to solve the existing problems in the field of environmental pollution control.


General information

Study program: Environmental Engineering


Semester: V


Lectures: Introduction to the processes with minimal pollution and waste production. Air protection (formation process, types of pollution and it sources); Determination of emission in effluent gasses; Distribution of pollution; Measures for reducing pollution (primary and secondary); Suspended matters and its treatment equipment; Physical and chemical characteristic of dry and wet treatment techniques; Technical characteristics of treatment equipment; Characteristics and comparison of processes and equipment for water and gases treatment, technical indicators, the level of environmental protection, investment and operating costs.



Exercises cover calculations and solving assignments related to the lectured fields.



Bogdana Vujic, assistant professor



Course books

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  2. Đarmati Š. Zagađenje i zaštita vazduha Viša      politehnička škola,Beogra 2007
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