University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Systems theory provides the necessary theoretical and methodological basis for research, study, create (design and conduct ) and use ( exploitation / implementation ) of complex systems ( such as organizational systems , information systems , manufacturing systems , technical systems , ... ) In addition to the necessary theoretical knowledge and methodological skills this course should develop capabilities : integrated thinking as a synthesis of partial and global , solving complex problems , systematic approach , the modern intellectual communication , creativity (creation ) through individual and group (team methods) .

Theoretical and practical study:

Division of the system ( their origin , according to the manner of existence , according to the character of relations between elements of the system , according to the number of connections to the environment , according to complexity ) systems with accumulated ( concentrated ) parameters ; systems with distributed parameters , dynamics systems , signal systems ; mathematical basis for the analysis of systems; function test and system responsiveness , the laws of physics to represent the mathematical model of the system ( electrical systems , mechanical systems , thermodynamic systems , pneumatic systems , hydraulic systems ) ; analogy systems , temporal characteristics of the system,  frequency characteristics of the system; stability of the system; discrete systems ; gradation level of scientific knowledge , methods and systems research,  Modeling system

General information

Study program: Industrial engineering, Information Technology


Semester: IV,VI

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 2


Ph.D Vladimir Šinik, assistant professor



Course books

1.  Adamovi Ĺ˝ivoslav, System theory Faculty "M. Pupin" in 2005
2.  Adamovi Ĺ˝ivoslav, Problems in the theory of technical college "M. Pupin" in 2004