University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The knowledge gained through teaching this course will contribute to ensure that the student will be able to apply it in practice and appropriate technical system. Students will be trained to solve practical engineering problems in the field of tribology and lubrication.

Theoretical study:

Fundamentals of tribology. Wear and tear. Adhesion wear. Abrasive wear. Mechanical wear. Lubricants and their role in art. Greases. Lubricating oils. Synthetic liquids. Oil for pneumatic systems. Motor oil. Oils for agricultural machinery. Oil hydraulics. Lubrication of standard parts. Lubrication systems. Diagnosis of lubricants. Lubricant. Regeneration of used oils. Storage of lubricants and oils.

Practical study

Solving practical tasks of teaching units specified for theoretical classes.

General information

Study program: Industrial Engineering


Semester: 2

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 2


Ljiljana Radovanovic, PhD, Assistant professor


Course books

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  2. Adamović, Ž. i dr., Tribologija mašinskih elemenata, Akademija inženjerstva održavanja 2007
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