University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The aim of the course is to introduce students with the terminology, the specific objectives of environmental engineering and to develop basic principles of consideration of environmental problems, such as interdisciplinary and globalization. This knowledge is the basis for successful further study.


Theoretical course:

Introduction to environmental engineering as a discipline (environmental in crisis, the symptoms of the environmental crisis, anew dimension of environmental crisis, the goal of environmental engineering sustainable development). Basic concept of general environmental engineering (concept system, system boundaries, exchange of energy and matter through the system, the Earth as a system, flows, cycle and structures of living systems, the structure of the open system environmental). Water cycle and global cycles of some chemical elements (circulation of water, chemical elements, circuits, the global carbon cycle in nature, the global sulfur cycle in nature, the global nitrogen cycle in nature). The interaction between civilization and environmental (development of cities, population explosion). Atmosphere, the major parameters of the atmosphere and MC pollutants in the atmosphere (the structure and the temperature of atmosphere). Noise as a specific form of pollution (production of sound and its transmission, noise source, permitted noise levels in the environmental). The sources, characteristics and effects of pollution (air pollution, sources of air pollution, and effects of air pollution, global heating, and ozone as a problem in the atmosphere).


Practical course:

The exercises are examples and calculation tasks illustrating the topics covered in the theoretical classes, which provides a better definition and better understanding the theoretical course.

Top of Form


General information

Study program: Environmental Engineering


Semester: 1

Lectures: Dragana Štrbac, Ph. D.

Exercises: Višnja Mihajlović, M.Sc.


Dragana Štrbac, professor



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